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For guitar and piano lessons in Ermelo and Zeewolde please contact the School for Improvisation. Also, you've come to the right place for other courses, such as improvisation and music theory, ear training, bandcoaching, etc.

Personal and EnjoyablePersonal and Enjoyable
We are an official Music School with an informal atmosphere.
This means that our approach to teaching is very personal: Your wishes come first! We help you learn to play the music you want, in a way that suits you. Everyone has a unique learning style and we keep this carefully in mind. All ages are welcome, there is always a lesson format that suits you.

Because you are being taught by professional, qualified musicians who have extensive experience in teaching, you can be sure that you will be instructed in the necessary knowledge and techniques in the right way and that you will be effectively and thoroughly guided in your journey into the exciting world music.


Skill levels lowSkill levels low
Many people who are just starting out or are not yet very proficient on their instrument, like to learn how to play their favorite songs in a simple and effective way, often preferring to playfully learn the necessary skills and knowledge. We are pleased to see how students grow and enjoy playing the music they love.


Skill levels highSkill levels high
There are also many intermediate and advanced students who find our music school and desire a much more structured approach and who enjoy challenges. This includes people who eventually want to go the Conservatory. We provide goal-oriented guidance. We also teach students who have this kind of skill level but do not have the goal to apply for the Conservatory, with the greatest pleasure!


Guitar stylesStyles
From a very broad interest and affinity, we deal with many modern styles: jazz, pop, folk, rock, latin, gospel, blues, bluegrass, country and more.

Further courses
Obviously you will learn the necessary basic skills and further for playing your instrument comfortably, but there is always more to do for whoever wants to:

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